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We cover wide range of fields from plastic and industrial material to batteries, power supplies and automation devices.
Batteries, power supplies

We satisfy needs for wide capacity ranges with superior product characteristics. Batteries, high performance batteries and power supplies from GS Yuasa are environment friendly, and they are key elements of the infrastructure in the new society.

Small sized sealed lead-acid battery, Nickel metal hydride battery

In the industrial battery filed, we provide batteries as a backup power to the power facility for information and communication facility, solar power facility and disaster power facility and batteries contributing to "global warming countermeasure" or "energy saving measure".

battery battery

Mini UPS, various uninterrupted power supplies

We have a product lineup covering from compact constant use commercial type to high reliability redundant system type. They can be used in various applications such as IT, POS system, communication, FA, etc.

battery battery

Manufacturing and sales of plastic injection molding products.

Ryoka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of various automation control devices.

Nichiden Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Sales of air conditioner, design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning facilities.

Ryoka Tech Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of plastic injection molding products.

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